Photo of Greg Jensen

Greg Jensen

West Coast Leader of the Month | November 2021

Regional Manager
San Francisco

Greg Jensen is our Regional Manager in San Francisco market for the past 2 years.  During that time, Greg embraces PAYROLL compliance as his personal mission to resolve past practices, develop and implementation of standard protocols, along with accountability for all managers on the Bay Area. The reduction of “PAID” meal breaks in the past 2 years has declined substantially, saving our clients and Propark revenue.  

Payroll compliance in California is specifically important to ensure our employees receive appropriate compensation as required by Law. 

Greg provided immense confidence needed to face this tough leadership challenge, and I am proud of his accomplishment. 

During 2021 (and COVID Recovery) Greg Jensen also assisted with “TASK FORCE” deployment to Texas, Colorado and Connecticut on multiple occasions.  Greg’s experience with opening new locations makes him a valuable transition leader, providing operational knowledge and implementation of standard business practices, which ensures client confidence! 

Greg Jensen is a fantastic leader who continues to identify, train, and mentor our leaders of the future.   

Greg is an amazing Parking Professional and I look forward to his continued success with Propark. 


Submitted by John Steele