Photo of Honor Miele

Honor Miele

West Coast Leader of the Month | December 2021

 Regional Manager 
Los Angeles, CA

John Schmid often says that everyone has a superpower.  This nominee has a few:  she is an operations expert, she helps grow the business, she is extremely dedicated and is a relationship builder who connects our clients and area management team. On top of it all, when things get rough, Honor finds a way to dig even deeper.  Fast Facts:  Honor Miele, oversees nearly 50 locations, has originated 9 new locations, has led the way for SW wage hour compliance and has participated with multiple Propark initiatives in 2021. Along with the area management team, she has produced excellent client survey results to date.   I’m proud of Honor and her accomplishments leading the SW area ops team through a roller coaster of a year. 


Submitted by Peter Thorson