Photo of James Wright Jr

James Wright Jr

West Coast Rock Star of the Month

Roseville, CA​

In my time with Propark (7 years) I have had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the most professional, and service-driven individuals that our industry has to offer.  It is not uncommon to occasionally receive compliments (whether verbal or in writing) that recognize these employees for their dedication and compassion.  What is uncommon is to receive regular compliments on one particular employee, that far outpace the combined compliments of an entire valet team.  James Wright Jr is one such individual.​

While most valets (whom I would classify as top performers) may have 1-2 (even 3) compliments in their employee file for an entire year, James is able to push that threshold in a matter of 2 months.​

He continues to thrill the patients/visitors of MOB8 with his empathy, compassion and professionalism.  Two more such instances have recently found their way from the inner ranks of Sutter, and on to James’ leadership team.  While not surprising, and only representative of a fraction of the comfort and joy he brings to his patients/team, on a daily basis, we wished to take this opportunity to recognize James for his continuing selfless service to Sutter Health and Propark as a whole.  He really is the all-star who carries his team to greatness.​

Jordan did it for the Bulls, Lebron did it for the Heat (Cavs, Lakers), Curry did it for the Warriors… James Wright does it everyday for Propark!  I, along with his entire leadership team, could not be prouder of James and everything that he brings to the table, and look forward to what the future brings for this stellar employee.

Submitted by Kyle Vanderschoor