Photo of Janet Palacios

Janet Palacios

West Coast Rock Star of the Month | May 2021

Los Angeles, CA

Janet has been employed with us since July 2018. She has always been a team player and always willing to step up and help whenever it is needed, no questions asked. If we need her to clean, she cleans. If we need her to touch up paint, she paints. If we need her to park cars, she parks cars. No task is too large or too small for Janet. ​

​Most recently we re-opened LA Fitness Hollywood, and we placed Janet there for the early morning shift starting at 5:30 AM. With the re-opening, we also had installed brand new Flash Parking equipment. There were struggles with the new equipment, but Janet was always there to help figure out the issues and assist with getting them corrected. She figured out how the system worked and what it took to get it back on-line when it wasn’t working. We always know that if Janet was opening the location, we didn’t have to worry about it not being up and running properly. For example, one day someone stuck four quarters in our credit card reader in the pay station, making it non-functional. She once again rescued us by getting the coins out. It took time and lots of trial and error to get them out. After some time had passed and she couldn’t get the coins out she went to her car and grabbed a fake rose from her trunk that was given to her on Valentine’s Day. She took the rose and took out the wire holding it together and used that wire to reach the coins and get them out! This was a lifesaver. The location only had one pay on foot station and, without it functioning, the location would lose revenue. Janet is our Rock Star!

Submitted by Yucely Thomas​