Photo of Jeanette Garcia

Jeanette Garcia

West Coast Rock Star of the Month | September 2021

Valet Attendant
Sacramento, CA

Early morning of July 11th we only had 2 people in the lane when a car comes in rather quickly. Jeanette is at the podium when she hears a woman scream. She rushes to the car as the dad frantically gets out of the car and lets Jeanette know his wife is in labor. Jeanette advised the dad to let security know the situation and grab a wheelchair.

Jeanette goes around to the passenger side of the vehicle to comfort mom and notices the head crowning. Mom grabs Jeanette’s hand and starts to comfort her and tells her to breath. Mom is screaming and starts pushing. While she is pushing, mom passes out and Jeanette rubs mom’s hand and shakes her arm to try and get her to regain consciousness while bending over and catching the baby.

Mom is still passed out; baby is not crying, and she starts rubbing baby’s back. Mom starts coming to as nurses approach and baby starts crying!


Submitted by Samantha Cornell