Photo of Johann Celestin

Johann Celestin

East Coast Rock Star of the Month | August 2021

New York Region

Email received from patient/visitor:

My husband was taken to the ER of your hospital today July14th 2021.​

I am unable to walk without the aid of a cane or walker.​ Mr. Johann Celestin, Parking Supervisor of your ER parking lot saw me struggling and immediately came to my aide. He helped me walk to the ER and did not leave me until he made certain I was in the correct place and reunited with my husband.​

Mr. Celestin is an asset to your hospital staff.​

He is a gentleman and a comfort. ​

He needs to be recognized as a fantastic, caring person who truly takes his job seriously. ​

Please make certain he is honored and receives ​recognition for his outstanding care and concern for the people who choose your hospital for their care.​​

​Submitted by our valued customers & Laura Olivo

Ellen Felber. MS, BS  Special Education , PRSE​