Photo of John Schmid

John Schmid

Executive Chairman

Under John Schmid’s leadership, Propark has transitioned from a small Hartford-based parking company to a national leader in parking management services and parking real estate acquisition. Propark has grown significantly during Schmid’s thirty years of leadership with current assets under management exceeding 1.2 billion dollars and 500 U.S. locations. Schmid is also responsible for launching Propark’s real estate division and the Green Park Development Company, which collectively own an interest in growing portfolios of parking properties with asset valuations exceeding 40 million dollars.

Schmid has been uniquely involved in the evolution of the green parking movement and has taken an active role in the sustainability of the communities he serves. Schmid spearheaded the creation of green parking industry standards through his work forming the nonprofit United States Green Parking Council, now known as Parksmart, he now oversees as chairman of the board. Schmid has also brought several other sustainable concepts from creation to realization including the LEED certified gold Canopy DIA project (described as one of the greenest parking facilities in the country) and his work promoting small car footprint and detection technology. Schmid also created and operates Garage Juice Bar, a company that produces attractive and efficient charging stations for electric vehicles. In addition, Schmid is also intimately involved with the National Parking Association and the International Parking Institute.