Photo of Johnathan Bostic

Johnathan Bostic

East Coast Leader of the Month | December 2021

Regional Manager – CRDA
Hartford Region

I am nominating Jonathan as “Rock Star of the Month” because he inspires me every single day. In the short time I’ve worked for him, he has helped me to grow in so many ways. I look up to him so much and I can only hope to be the leader that he is some day. I always look to him for leadership and guidance. I can so without a doubt that Jonathan is not only my mentor but my rock star as well! 

Submitted by Jennifer Sirianni 

As a General Manager, Jonathan Bostic has always gone above and beyond with both customers and co-workers to create a friendly and open atmosphere even during challenging situations. He has helped tremendously to contribute to team building with a sense of honesty and good humor.  

Submitted by Thomas Ortiz-Johnst