Photo of Kevin Salvato

Kevin Salvato

West Coast Leader of the Month | April 2021

Senior Account Manager
San Francisco, CA

Kevin has been a God send after coming back from COVID-19 layoff in October. Since that time Kevin has almost singlehandedly opened 3 hotels on very short notice, managed the payroll reconciliation/compliance for 9 sites in the city, and flexed staff at the four open hotels from 1 valet per shift to 6+valets per shift with a day or two notice. On top of all this, Kevin has managed the operations of our unmanned and commercial lots, handling monthly parking inquiries, aggregator management, shift reporting and deposits, and fixing broken equipment at the drop of a hat.

During all of this, Kevin has been ensuring that the garage at the JW Marriott is staffed properly to manage the influx of cars coming from its guests and that of the 3 other hotel’s vehicles that are being parked there. This garage has been filled past maximum capacity the last 4 weekends and continues to demand a great deal of his time.

The General Manager of the JW Marriott-John Anderson during a walk-through of the hotel garage with Greg Jensen and John Steele expressed his gratitude for having Kevin Salvato on the hotel driveway. John Anderson stated “Kevin is a Rock Star and amazing, I’m very pleased to have him here”. On top of all that, Kevin is preparing staff for the opening of the Argonaut and working with Beach & Hyde garage to ensure they are ready for the increase in volume due to this opening.

With all of this, Kevin is upbeat and has a smile on his face. I don’t know what this award is for, if not to recognize someone for going above and beyond on a daily basis as Kevin has. Thank you KEVIN!!!

Submitted by Greg Jenson