Photo of Kulvinder Singh

Kulvinder Singh

East Coast Leader of the Month | October 2021

Area Manager
Charles River Park

I would like to recommend Kulvinder Singh as leader of the month. Kulvinder is one of our hardest working team members–always willing to jump in and help whenever and wherever needed. When we opened Lovejoy Wharf on 10/1, Kulvinder came over and helped stack the lot, even though it was not one of his sites. On day two, he was in the lot again with me parking cars and greeting customers. 

Kulvinder operates the Charles River Park portfolio of five garages for us, and  he also oversees several other properties. Kulvinder has always driven net revenues beyond budget for our clients and for Propark Internally wherever he is assigned. He leads the local team on street marketing efforts, continually finding new deals and adding monthly and validation parkers across the city. He shares resources whenever possible to save on labor and operating costs and has built a tremendous team to support him who all share the same work ethic. 

In addition to his site and area responsibilities Kulvinder oversees our local CleanCo operations and is constantly working to build internal profitability through maintenance work done regionally.

Whenever work/help/staffing is needed, anywhere in the region, Kulvinder is one of my first “go to” guys. He really is the definition of a “team player” and is a tremendous part of the Propark team!  

Submitted by Sean Lampert​