Photo of Kyle Vanderschoor

Kyle Vanderschoor

West Coast Leader of the Month | June 2021

Area Manager
Sacramento, CA


Kyle has been an amazing asset to the PAW team as we navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Working at a massive health care campus Kyle worked on the front lines ensuring the health and safety of his team and patrons during a dynamic year.  Opening and closing valet doors at the drop of a hat, adjusting safety processes, working through challenging staffing/hiring issues and ensuring the satisfaction of his multiple clients are just some of the things Kyle executed on in the last year.  All of this done while going through a portfolio wide RFP.  Kyle took the bull by the horns and through exceptional leadership successfully navigated these trying times all the while keeping his clients incredibly happy and ensuring Propark retained the entire portfolio.  You literally could not pay one of his clients to say something bad about him…  I could not ask for a better leader to run our biggest team and biggest portfolio in PAW! 


Submitted by Keith Buchwald​