Photo of Nelsi Rivas

Nelsi Rivas

East Coast Rock Star of the Month | March 2021

Valet Attendant
Charles Hotel Garage


Nelsi has been a dedicated and loyal employee of Propark since 2010. He serves as a garage attendant, a valet, and most importantly an “Ambassador” for The Charles Square Hotel and Garage.

During his tenure at The Charles, Nelsi has always demonstrated an eagerness to serve his customers and to keep up with the garage appearance while providing a pleasant parking experience. Over the years, we have received numerous positive comments from our guests and customers about Nelsi’s friendliness and courteous approach to service as well as his display of a positive attitude at all times. Pre-COVID on a typical day it was not unusual to see the entire lower level of the Charles stack parked with attendant assisted vehicles, and Nelsi running back and forth directing vehicles and attending to Guests, orchestrating all vehicle movements and keeping service flowing.

Everyday when Nelsi arrives to work he routinely performs a tour of the facility and reports any issues that need to be addressed. He then tackles the issues personally and relentlessly with little supervision. During the Covid-19 pandemic while the business level has dropped considerably, Nelsi has shifted his focus to the maintenance and cleanliness of the garage. He has made it his daily routine to sweep and scrub the garage floors and to clean up and sanitize the high touch areas around gate equipment and building elevators. When we reduced personnel at our nearby Harvard locations Nelsi never hesitated when asked to help out with cleaning of those 2 parking facilities as needed and has added them to his daily routine.

Nelsi is a dedicated, hard working and amazing representative of Propark who we are proud to have as our Team member!

Submitted by Djamel Ghili