Photo of Noe Iraheta-Carrillo

Noe Iraheta-Carrillo

East Coast Leader of the Month | August 2021

Assistant Account Manager
Boston, MA

We received a great email from our client at the Four Seasons that really sums up Noe’s contributions at this site. Noe has done an excellent job building his relationship with this client!

“Good Morning, Franklin,

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize the excellent job that Noe has been doing these last few months.

I think we’ve seen a very positive shift in Noe’s leadership – while he’s always been responsive and a team player for us, Noe seemingly has elevated himself to a new, heightened awareness that has pushed our operation on a larger scale. His communication with the hotel team has been constant, his proactive approach to guest needs is evident, and he demonstrates a strong commitment to a luxury arrival and departure experience. In turn, I have tremendous trust in him as the eyes and ears of the hotel exterior operation and an extension of my team.

Further, the hours, shifts, and responsibilities that Noe has taken on do not go unnoticed.I expect Noe is headed for great things with ProPark. Thank you for allowing him to be part of the valet operation at our property.”

Submitted by Four Seasons Hotel One Dalton Street and Sean Lampert