Photo of Patrick Turay

Patrick Turay

East Coast Rock Star of the Month | July 2021

Working Manager
New York, NY

Patrick is being nominated for his all-around managerial skills and his community service outside of work. Patrick has been with Propark almost 4 years.  His account is a residential building with 200 monthly customers. Profitability has improved significantly during his leadership.  The location has only had one small claim in a over year at a location which is very difficult to navigate.  ​

The customers rave about Patrick and what a great person he is. He has been at the building 10 years, and he has grown up with many of the families.  One customer Anthony Drozz who I met on one of my visits to the garage says we could not have a better manager. Anthony makes a regular visit every other month with a bottle of Patrick’s favorite beverage.  One of our younger customers can’t wait to bring Patrick his latest art project from school. Some of them he gives to Patrick to keep. All of the kids coming through are looking for his fist bumps or high fives.  ​

Neil and Jenny Grupp think Patrick is the best and said he is truly a rock star. They have only been parking in the garage a short time as first-time car owners but would want to park any place else because of Patrick.  One family was sad to be moving out of the area. They dropped off a box cookies with  the note “Thank You for taking such good care of us and our car all of these years. We will miss you” I was impressed by their choice of words in that they felt he was not just taking care of their car. ​

I could go on and on with the compliments I hear. Outside of work Patrick started up a non-profit basketball (Hoop Connect) for under served youth.  His passion for basketball is matched for his passion to help out the kids in the community.

Submitted by Robert Myles