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Paul Vella

East Coast & National Rock Star of the Month | January 2021

NYU Hospital – W5 emergency

A letter from our customer:

I do hope I am contacting the correct person in reference to a wonderful hospital employee that I encountered. Quickly, my story, I am [Valued Customer] and I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer earlier this (horrible) year. All of my doctors are with NYU Langone and I had to come for radiation to Winthrop (old Winthrop) Monday thru Friday for eight weeks. Needless to say I was not in the best of moods at the time.

That is until I encountered “Paulie” Paul Vella, who is with security, stationed at the booth at the ER entrance to the parking lots of the hospital. From day one Paulie, was not only encouraging but a bright light who did all he could to make me feel better emotionally. There were days that I was just not good, feeling sorry for myself or physically in pain but his wonderful demeanor and cheerful attitude always did the trick. I remember one day asking him how he not only kept his great attitude but also standing for hours on end and greeting every car that drives up. He said that he was raised to always see the best of any situation and he viewed his job as a blessing, so he would always go above and beyond. I never heard anyone so inspirational. I literally had tears in my eyes on my final day of radiation when I said goodbye to Paulie.

I wish all of my employees were just a fraction of what Paulie is.
My thanks and Merry Christmas,
[Valued Customer]