Photo of Ricardo Caceres

Ricardo Caceres

West Coast Rock Star of the Month | July 2021

Shuttle Driver
Oakland, CA

The Expresso team would like to nominate Ricardo Caceres for the West Coast Rock Star of the month.​

Ricardo is currently a shuttle driver for Expresso and has been with the Propark family since November of 2015. Ricardo shows up to work every morning at 3:45AM to turn the lights on and prepare for the day. Ricardo is the type of person that take a great sense of personal pride in his work and takes ownership of his role while at work.​

Ricardo loves a clean bus! The 4AM chirping birds are quickly drowned out by the sound of Ricardo’s leaf blower as he does his morning routine of cleaning and disinfecting of the shuttles. Ricardo is the kind of person that you can rely on to show up to work each day with a great big smile on his face and in the mood to serve our Propark customers with a sense of passion.​

Recently, Ricardo was taking a family of 5 to the airport in the wee hours of the morning, when they accidently gave him an envelope full of cash that was for their trip, instead of the intended tip money. When Ricardo opened the envelope and realized that the customer had given him more than $400, he knew it had to be a mistake. He tried to chase the customer down, but they had already entered security and there was no hope of getting to them. Ricardo promptly alerted the management team and gave them the money for safekeeping. Later that day, the customer called to explain that they thought they made a mistake. Michael explained to the customer what Ricardo had done and that the money was safe in hand in the office. The customer was so stunned and grateful of the honesty and integrity of Ricardo, that he ended up tipping him $100. ​

There are many more stories similar to this one regarding Ricardo’s work ethic. He is a bundle of energy and stuck by us as we transitioned from our Expresso lot on Doolittle to our new home at Fasttrack. I am glad to call him my friend. In his off time, Ricardo can be found playing tennis with friends and barbequing in his backyard with family.

Submitted by Michael Anderson