Photo of Rory Mercurio

Rory Mercurio

East Coast Rock Star of the Month | June 2021

Shuttle Driver
Queens, NY


Rory has worked for Propark since August of 2017 and has worked the LGA Plaza shuttle for 24 years.  His customer service is exemplary and is recognized by the hotel staff and the many people he transports back and forth from the hotel to the airport. Rory is the most selfless employee whose work ethic is second to none.  LGA Plaza has been short one driver which makes vacation coverage challenging.  In June there were two employees scheduled to vacation including Rory. The vacations had been scheduled prior to the staffing coverage and Rory had not taken a day off in over a year.  Rory became aware that two of the days requiring coverage had still not been covered.  Rory’s wife Lorraine had texted me while Rory was on shift that she and Rory were willing to push back their vacation one week when he knew it would be easier to arrange coverage for the days off. Lorraine has become an extended member of the Propark family.  Last month we were taking two of the shuttle buses off the road. In order to do so the two buses had to be driven off-site to another location. Rory volunteered to take a bus with him for his drive home.  His wife would then pick him up from that location because Rory had left his car at LGA Plaza.  Rory’s shift started at 4AM the next day and his wife Lorraine drove him to work that morning since his car was left at LGA Plaza.  He did the same thing a week later for the 2nd bus!!​

The last story I have about Rory and Lorraine occurred during the winter when there was a very bad snow storm, As often is the case, I try to arrange hotel rooms for some of the drivers to ensure they are able to make it into work or in case they can not make it home. For one of the storms I was unable to arrange a room at LGA Plaza or any other nearby hotel.  I received a text from Rory, “I hope you don’t mind but Lorraine was able to secure a room at LGA Plaza for me.”  He arrived on time for his 4AM shift his always cheerful self because Lorraine came through again! It turns out Lorraine worked many years at the LGA Plaza hotel as well and had more influence than myself or the Regional Manager. Its a pleasure to have someone like Rory on the Propark team.

Submitted by Robert Myles​