Photo of Samantha Cornell

Samantha Cornell

West Coast Rock Star of the Month | January 2021

Assistant Account Manager
Sutter Hospital

Nomination #1:
Samantha has a true “Propark Rock Star” story. Ever since she joined the Sutter team in 2013 she has proven to be an asset for the PAW management team. As a supervisor, she was an effective liaison for the valets, other supervisors, as well as the management team who relied heavily on her.

During the pandemic, senior management needed additional leadership support and asked Samantha to assume a more significant role. Sam didn’t hesitate a bit. Whatever duties and responsibilities she hadn’t been previously trained on, she quickly learned and familiarized herself with the entire manager process. Sam understood the importance of achieving 100% compliance as well as adhering to request disseminated by different departments at the corporate office. Following her promotion to Asst. Account manager, she ensured that the many locations at Sutter Sacramento and Roseville were striving for 100% compliance. For example: Meal/Rest breaks, claims process, on boarding, progressive discipline, investigations, and employee training.

Sam also has a very good relationship with both the client at the mid-town campus as well as the Roseville campus. Samantha along with Kyle are committed to ensuring that the client’s expectations are achieved at all times. Over the past month, there has been an uptick in COVID related cases at all (13) home cost numbers under the Sutter Health portfolio. Sam has partnered effectively with corporate HR to ensure all COVID related employee situations are handled and tracked in accordance with the procedures corporate outlined. Sam’s perseverance as well as communication throughout this difficult time has eased some wearisomeness regarding staffing, testing, and reporting to local municipalities. Samantha is a true rock star and goes above and beyond on a daily basis demonstrating the effective leader that she is.

Submitted by Pamela Kovach

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