Photo of Viau (Jean) Bien-Aime

Viau (Jean) Bien-Aime

East Coast Leader of the Month | March 2021

Assistant Account Manager
Charles River Park

I would like to recommend Jean as leader of the month for the East Coast. Jean works at our CRP portfolio as the assistant manager overseeing the Longfellow, Asteria, Vesta, Alcott, and Gateway garages. Late last year we changed our revenue control system for the 5 Garages from Amano to Hub Parking. Due to some technical issues we needed to transfer 20% of the monthly access and credit card on file accounts manually. This represented about 300 monthly parkers whose full data had to be re-entered, as well as another 200+ credit card on file parkers who needed to be brought into the office to re-enter their credit card on file data for compliance reasons. 

To accomplish this in as fast a manner as possible while still keeping up with daytime operations (these garages currently operate at 100% capacity including attendant assisted parking Monday through Friday). Jean would work during his normal shift (7am-3pm) and then come back late night (after his second job) to add the cards in the system. Jean did this for a few weeks until we were sure that every pass was back in the system and that no parkers were being inconvenienced. 

Jean also jumps in and helps me with any Clean Co. projects we have and is always available anytime on call if there is a need. He always makes sure that nothing is outstanding before he closes his shift. The Residents at CRP and all of our Massachusetts General Hospital parkers love Jean as well. He is a huge part of our Propark team here in Boston!