Hudson Pacific Properties Portfolio

Propark has been awarded a management portfolio of eight parking facilities for Hudson Pacific Properties, a real estate investment trust which acquires, develops, repositions and operates high quality office, media and entertainment properties.

The Hudson Pacific Properties portfolio includes the development and management of parking assets throughout the San Francisco and Los Angeles regions. In addition to serving the parking needs of Hudson Pacific Properties tenants, the parking portfolio also supports a number of popular entertainment destinations in their respective regions including Walt Disney Studios and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and Union Square and AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Propark has a proven track record of providing high quality management, while serving as the industry leader in customer service, technology, and innovation. Propark has successful history of implementing industry leading strategies and technologies to increase customer service, drive revenues, and decrease expenses, and we will implement these strategies across the Hudson Pacific Properties parking portfolio. Propark will analyze each property and implement a unique combination of services and improvements for each, including site-specific aesthetic enhancements, the integration of parking reservation app technologies, smart parking systems, Juice Bar electric vehicle charging stations, and more.

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