How to Enhance Service Scores in the Age of Social Distancing

As the world has transitioned to social distancing, limited personal interaction, and increased self-service options, providing a personalized hospitality experience has become increasingly difficult. In this climate, how do you ensure guest satisfaction, great service scores, and loyal customers? From cleaning protocols and customer service to the latest technology, we cover the key factors that will set you and your vendors apart from the rest.


Instill Consumer Confidence with Prominent Safety Standards

According to STR’s forecast, RevPAR is not projected to fully recover until 2024, which lends a stronger sense of urgency to increasing reservations and maximizing revenue in the present.  With safety concerns guiding guests’ decision making, one key way to attract and retain guests is by providing clear communication about your enhanced cleaning protocols, both on your website and around your hotel. Making sure your vendors do the same is equally important.

At Propark Mobility, we strive to instill consumer confidence and enhance guests’ sense of safety upon arrival by posting signage that details precautions and safety guidelines in high-visibility areas. Additionally, our valets – who are equipped with PPE and all resources needed to keep your guests healthy – perform strict vehicle cleaning protocols when parking and retrieving guests’ vehicles. By pairing high-quality service with important safety reassurances, we aim to put guests at ease upon arrival, ensure their satisfaction, and secure high service scores upon departure.


Prioritize Brand Standards to Enhance the Guest Experience

While clear and consistent safety reminders are essential, STR reports that it’s crucial to keep your hotel from feeling, “‘clinical,’ ‘sterile’ and less welcoming.” To ensure guests receive a comfortable respite, it’s more important than ever for employees to maintain the brand standards that have, historically, created an enjoyable and customized stay at your hotel.

This experience begins as soon as guests enter the premises, making valet services integral to a positive initial impression of your hotel. Propark recognizes this and takes the necessary steps to ensure our employees provide the same high-quality service your guests receive within your establishment. Through our system, we merge your brand standards with our own to create a customized “Brand Standard Review,” which is conducted on a regular basis by our site manager and regional manager and shared directly with you. Through this consistent evaluation of performance, we keep our employees meeting brand standard expectations and contributing to guests’ overall satisfaction.


Implement Technology to Reassure Safety

In today’s day and age, guest satisfaction relies on more than excellent customer service; guests expect technology to further enhance their experience. According to’s 2020 Future of Travel survey, 63% of travelers are looking for hotels to “use the latest technology” as part of their safety measures. Propark understands the importance of technology and provides your guests with the high-tech, low-touch service they want. Our text message-based service digitizes the valet experience, eliminating the need for paper tickets and allowing guests to both pay and tip from their phones. In addition to limiting points of contact, the program provides guests the option to request their vehicle via text. Ensuring their parking experience is quick and easy, we keep guests happy from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.


Propark Solutions

To help provide guests with the safe and personalized service that leaves them satisfied and eager to return, Propark Mobility has introduced its new Patient Partnership Program, which offers:

  • A flexible management fee
  • A Management Agreement intended to transition into a Revenue Share Agreement
  • Compensation for change-over or opening expenses


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Interested in learning how Propark’s Patient Partnership Program can enhance guest satisfaction and service scores at your hotel? Contact Regional Vice President Sean Lampert at

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