Golconda Venture’s Parking Revenue Soars by 30%+ with Contactless Payment

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30%+ revenue

increase in 3 months


new locations

Lightning Pay

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The Challenge

When Golconda Venture was searching for a parking management operator for their 12 Downtown Houston locations, they were looking to implement new, innovative solutions that would effectively drive revenue. Propark Mobility and its proprietary payment technology, Lightning Pay, were the answer. By implementing the smartphone-based payment option, Golconda strived to simplify the process for its clients and customers to increase use and boost reliable revenue.

The Solution

After Golconda Venture selected Propark as its operator, we conducted a site evaluation and identified the best placement for Lightning Pay signage. This signage replaced the need for PARCS equipment by featuring a QR code that, when scanned by a smartphone, directed customers to a mobile payment site to complete the contactless transaction. By offering Google Pay and Apple Pay options and not requiring an app download, Lightning Pay streamlined and shortened the payment process for customers.

The Result

Because the system does not require intricate equipment installation, the implementation process took less than a day and did not impact Golconda’s daily revenue generation. Lightning Pay’s ease of use and cashless payment methods allowed for enhanced parking transactions for Golconda Venture’s 12 parking locations. This resulted in an increase of more than 30% in Golconda’s parking revenue within the first three months.

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