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Drive Market Desirability of Your Class A Office in Three Steps

As the world adjusts to a hybrid work model, your Class A office building is crucial to helping current tenants entice employees back to the office with a revitalized in-person experience.

Cushman & Wakefield reports that, in the post-COVID era, the quality of office space is more important than ever. And, with many people equating modern properties with increased safety, updates to aspects of your Class A office building can contribute to the satisfaction of current tenants while also driving interest from potential tenants.

Partnering with a parking management company, like Propark Mobility, can be beneficial to this effort. Read on to learn how refreshing your parking operation with expert updates, customized signage, and the latest technology can impact your Class A office building.


Expert Updates to Revitalize the Parking Experience

Because employees’ daily office trips begin and end in your parking lot or garage, a refreshed parking operation can revitalize your property and enhance the employee experience.

The first step is a thorough cleaning to address normal wear and tear that can diminish the appeal of your parking lot or garage over time. From removing dirt accumulation to revamping fading floor paint, simple aesthetic changes can make a subtle but impactful difference when cultivating a welcoming environment for returning employees.

As a leading parking management company, Propark Mobility is well-versed in refreshing parking lots and garages to bolster satisfaction and drive the desirability of properties.

While setting up a new location, we conduct a thorough audit of our clients’ parking operation to determine areas for enhancement. In addition to installing state-of-the-art equipment, this includes cleaning walls and floors, updating lighting to promote a feeling of safety, and repainting traffic symbols to create a crisp, fresh look. By elevating the aesthetics of your parking operation, Propark cultivates a welcoming environment for tenants and their employees and helps drive interest in your office property.


Customized Signage to Simplify Commutes

Another aspect of your parking operation that creates a strong impact is signage. Clear markings and directions simplify the parking experience, contributing to ease of use and overall parker satisfaction.

In your Class A office building, this helps streamline employees’ daily commutes, creating a hassle-free journey from their cars to their desks. Considering their recent daily commutes have required moving from their bed to their computer, simplifying the entry and exit processes can help make their return to the office as smooth as possible.

When conducting our initial audit for clients, Propark reviews signs and graphics for booths, entrances, exits, and more. After determining what can be replaced and what would best meet your location’s needs, we utilize our in-house sign shop, Sign Wiz, to create new signage. Because we design and print signage at our headquarters, we have complete control over the entire process.

This customized signage, which matches your brand and creates continuity in your onsite marketing, aids parkers in wayfinding to simplify commutes while adding to the high-class, welcoming feel of your property for current and prospective tenants.


The Latest Technology to Enhance Safety

To further enhance the experience on your property, installing the latest parking technology is crucial. By modernizing your Class A office building with advancements like touchless technology, you increase efficiency, simplify the parking experience, and contribute to the overall sense of safety.

Propark Mobility is committed to assisting our clients in this pursuit by installing state-of-the-art parking equipment. These advancements include options like motion-activated entry terminals, which dispense tickets without the need for pressing a button, and License Plate Recognition (LPR), which allows registered vehicles to seamlessly enter your parking garage without stopping for a ticket. Eliminating communal touchpoints, these enhancements relieve employees of a small but significant daily hurdle.

Propark can further strengthen safety by implementing our Cloudpark Remote Management System. With knowledgeable customer ambassadors available around the clock, Cloudpark ensures parkers have access to help 24/7. This readily accessible assistance, combined with fewer touchpoints, helps elevate the safety and ease of your parking operation, reducing common concerns for current tenants’ returning employees and enhancing the desirability of your property for prospective tenants.


Partner with Propark Mobility

As employers seek modernized Class A office buildings to entice employees back to the office, revamping your parking operation can prove extremely beneficial and profitable.

With the help of a parking management company, like Propark Mobility, you can enhance your parking location to help existing tenants in their efforts to return to business as usual and, in addition, drive potential tenants’ interest in your property.

Through thorough cleaning and updates, revamped signage made in-house, and the latest technology, Propark can help you elevate your parking operation to provide a modernized experience that satisfies current tenants and attracts prospective tenants.

If you’re interested in learning more about a partnership with Propark Mobility, contact us today by filling out the form below.

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