Optimizing Parking for a New Construction Build

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ALTO Fairfield Metro

Located near the Fairfield Metro train station, this brand new development has everything. ALTO Fairfield Metro is a community-driven, family and pet-friendly neighborhood with shopping, offices, medical practices, restaurants, entertainment, commuter parking and more—all within walking distance.

Full-Scale Marketing Campaign

including traditional & digital marketing

Complete Signage Package

for easy way-finding

Seamless Integration

of multiple technology platforms


Ownership relied on and consulted with Propark to ensure the most efficient layout, technology, PARCS, rate structure and marketing efforts were utilized. With a long list of various user groups and the onset of COVID-19, countless obstacles made what would be a typical pre-opening, much more challenging.


The combination of Propark’s 50+ years of experience and utilization of shared parking principles enabled us to produce and implement a full SOP for this location. We gathered equipment quotes and assisted in choosing the right PARCS vendor based upon Alto’s unique, multi-parker needs. Rate recommendations were suggested for monthly commuter parking, monthly residential, retail and office and had to be based upon several different hours/days of the week. Layouts for the various parker options along with clear, directional signage was also a focus to ensure all space was used efficiently to maximize revenue while being cognizant of safety. A full-scale marketing plan including a combination of digital, traditional signage and boots-on-the-ground campaigning, were all used.


Alto Fairfield opened successfully under trying times. The layout and flow is ideal for the multiple parker types. Successful marketing continues to drive parkers to this development. As commuter traffic and residential occupancy increases over the next 9-12 months, Propark is prepared to ensure a seamless parking experience for all.

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