What is double parking

What is Double Parking?

Knowing how to answer the question, “What is double parking?” is one of the core foundations of being a safe driver. Far too often, people double park due to the inability to find an open parking space quickly or within the timeframe they need. Sure, this can be an attractive option if you are in a rush, but it is an act that is punishable by law. Though the laws vary from state-to-state and by country, the chances of you getting a traffic violation for double parking, whether in a garage or in the street, are high. Before discussing the consequences, it is important to fully understand what is double parking.


What is Double Parking?

By definition, double parking is illegally parking your car next to another correctly parked car within a stall or in the street. Doing so can waste parking spaces within garages and public areas, especially if you take up more than one space. It can also foster traffic congestion and accidents when done alongside another car on the side of the road. Plus, it can prevent another person – the one who is adequately parked – from being able to leave when they need to since they are now blocked in.


What Happens if You Double Park?

Because of the dangers and risks that can surface from double parking, it is illegal in just about any state. The rules of double parking are listed as a traffic violation that can be punishable by a fine or even towing. It is illegal to park your vehicle next to another vehicle that is properly parked in a stall or street in such a way that prevents that vehicle from being able to leave their space or obstructs the flow of traffic. To deter people from doing this, it has been listed as a traffic violation in most locations. However, to gain the full picture of what the fines could entail for your area, make sure to check in with either your local council or the authorities to gain more specific information.

Fun Fact: A solid case to demonstrate the diversity in the laws is in the state of California. There, vehicles are allowed to double park under the California Vehicle Code 22502. However, the rules of double parking here list that this is only legal for commercial vehicles who need to double park to successfully unload merchandise or passengers.


Conclusion – Knowing the Rules of Double Parking

After reading this article and knowing exactly what is double parking and what the rules of double parking are, you may find it more enticing to avoid that “non-option” altogether. However, there is no denying that it can certainly be hard to find an open parking space during the busy times of the day. Though you might find yourself circling around numerous times to find one, seeking an alternative solution to double parking is the best route to take to avoid hefty fines, towing fees, and marks on your driving record.

In the end, the choice is up to you. But just know that one way is legal, and the other is not. If you want to keep your license in good standing and optimize everyone’s safety on the road, then know that double parking will never be the right solution, no matter how late or frustrated you are.



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