A Personal Touch in a Contactless World

In the past year, we have become accustomed to physical distance, masks, and bottles of hand sanitizer. With an enhanced focus on sterile environments, covered faces, and changed behaviors, Propark Mobility’s hospitality division has faced the question, “How can we help leave a lasting impression with our guests?”

At La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio, a simple handwritten note placed in each car by the Propark valet team recently made the difference.

This unexpected finishing touch by our valets prompted guests to share a little more about their stay, note other high-impact service interactions and, ultimately, exit the property with a lasting impression.

At Propark, we hope these small, socially distanced interactions with our cashiers, parking attendants, and valet staff can be a source of comfort for many. After all, research suggests that our everyday banter with others increases longevity, proves stimulating, and enhances our general wellbeing.

“Doing random acts of kindness, particularly in this time when we’re all really struggling, can be incredibly powerful. It has a positive effect on society as well.” – Laurie Santos, Psychology Professor at Yale University

With Propark’s direct focus on old-school service, we’ve found that these simple gestures often create a ripple effect, with many guests choosing to share feedback about their stay. These brief, unexpected conversations are a vital part of guest service and overall guest satisfaction. By mirroring La Cantera’s sensibilities, we ensure that the parking component blends seamlessly with their focus on hospitality.



If you are searching for parking management services, consider partnering with a company that will not only oversee your parking operations, but also add another layer of amenities to create a memorable experience for your guests.

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