Accelerating the Future: Clean Vehicle Credit Sparks EV Adoption

Published June 28, 2023

As we embrace a greener and more sustainable future, the electrification of transportation is at the forefront of our efforts. Electric vehicles (EVs) are revolutionizing the way we move, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing air quality. Recognizing the pivotal role of EVs, governments and organizations around the world are taking steps to incentivize their adoption. One such initiative is the Clean Vehicle Credit, which has emerged as a game-changer.


Understanding the Clean Vehicle Credit:

The Clean Vehicle Credit is a government-sponsored program that provides financial incentives to individuals, businesses, and organizations for purchasing and operating electric vehicles. It is designed to promote the use of zero-emission vehicles and mitigate the environmental impact of traditional fossil fuel-powered cars. By encouraging the adoption of EVs, the Clean Vehicle Credit aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable transportation system.


What’s the Clean Vehicle Credit Amount?

The IRS states that vehicles placed in service Jan. 1-April 17, 2023 are eligible for:

  • $2,500 base amount
  • Plus $417 for a vehicle with at least 7 kilowatt hours of battery capacity
  • Plus $417 for each kilowatt hour of battery capacity beyond 5 kilowatt hours
  • Up to $7,500 total

For vehicles placed in service April 18, 2023 and after:

  • $3,750 if the vehicle meets the critical minerals requirement only
  • $3,750 if the vehicle meets the battery components requirement only
  • $7,500 if the vehicle meets both


Which Vehicles Qualify?

According to the IRS, in order for a vehicle to qualify for the Clean Vehicle Credit, it must:

  • Have a battery capacity of at least 7 kilowatt hours
  • Have a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 14,000 pounds
  • Be made by a qualified manufacturer.
  • Undergo final assembly in North America
  • Meet critical mineral and battery component requirements


For a complete list of qualifying vehicles, visit The Street.


The electrification movement is underway and government-led initiatives, like the Clean Vehicle Credit, are poised to accelerate the adoption of EVs nationwide. To learn more about electric vehicles and electrification, visit

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