How Propark Grew its Portland, OR Portfolio by 1600% in Eight Months

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The Challenge

In the spring of 2022, Propark Mobility recognized an opportunity to join the thriving Portland region and bring its parking expertise and five-star service to businesses throughout the city. At the time, Propark set out to establish a local leadership team that could cultivate a local presence and effectively support rapid growth in the area by meeting market demands.

The Solution

To accomplish this objective, Propark began by recruiting and investing in a local leadership team that was well-versed in the region’s unique needs. Led by a Portland-based Regional Vice President, the team delved into the local market to understand clients’ specific pain points, which ranged from their current operator’s lack of communication to financial accountability.

The team leveraged this insight to develop a strategy that met market demands, establishing senior leaders as the point of contact for clients and guaranteeing the company had the regional infrastructure necessary to support client operations effectively and efficiently. Simultaneously, the Propark team developed a scalable business model that would facilitate the company’s continued growth in the region.

The Result

Because of Propark’s investment in local resources and their team’s diligent efforts, the company secured 16 Portland locations in eight months, establishing a pace of roughly two new locations per month. This 1600% growth included influential locations, such as the Portland Trail Blazers, the Oregon Convention Center, Standard Insurance, Melvin Mark, and more. To ensure Propark reliably delivered on its promises to the market, the company hired over 150 team members, expanding its local team by nearly 5000% in the eight-month period.

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