hospitality parking management

Best ways to improve your hospitality parking management services

June 18, 2020

By Lee-Ann Moore   Hospitality Parking Management Creating a pleasant experience for your guests should be a top priority for hotel owners in the hospitality industry. Hotel guests love convenience, especially when it comes to planning vacations, shopping, traveling, or participating in leisure activities. Those traveling by car specifically should be able to access those locations with ease. Hotels should be willing and able to provide the following commodities: accessible parking, customer service through valet parking services, and customized transportation just to name a few. Failing to provide such...


Updates from Propark

April 28, 2020

  📌 Pinned to Top Highlights At Propark, we pride ourselves on being nimble and adapting quickly to the changing landscape. Here’s how we’re supporting our employees, customers, and community during the COVID-19 pandemic: What We Are Doing For Our Employees Implemented a robust virus protection protocol & instituted significantly upgraded and enhanced cleaning routines and rhythms, to keep our work environment disinfected and sanitized.  Employees have been provided with Personal Protective Equipment, including face masks and shields, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Educating our team members regarding proper hand...


Why You Need To Outsource Your Parking Management

January 27, 2020

The Challenges of Managing Parking In-House The Misconception that Parking Is Easy On the surface, parking seems easy.  A car pulls into a lot or a garage.  The driver finds the first available space, parks their car, and they’re on their way to their primary destination.  When they return, it’s just as elementary, right?  Get in the car, start it up and leave.  Maybe the parker pays on entrance or exit, but other than that, the process is relatively standard across the board.  Easy. Right? Ease should be the...